NARS Laguna




NARS Laguna £26 Space NK

Whilst I tend to approach most Bronzers carefully in fear of unsightly orange lines on my paler than pale skin, Nars Laguna is one I have wanted for a very long time. On my last pay day, after yet another mention online, I finally took the plunge (no pun intended) and £26 later I was introducing it to Make Up Towers; a subtle sun kissed glow was to be mine.

The Nars Bronzers come in three shades and Laguna is the most appropriate for my skin tone. The lightest shade of the three, it also has a hint of shimmer when in the pan but I don’t find this too noticeable when applied. Whilst I had read that Essie didn’t rate this product too highly as she found it slightly too orange for her pale skin, I always apply with caution as I think too much of this on my cheeks will definitely give me that undesirable Oompa Loompah look, however applied with the right kinda brush (&Other Stores Shimmer Powder Brush – a dupe for the MAC 187) it adds the definition I need and a warm healthy glow. In fact, I’ve been using this on its own without my trusty Benefit “Hervana” now for the past couple of weeks as I’m really pleased with the look it gives. I also don’t think I’ve treated a product with such care before as I live in fear of dropping during clumsy hour (6.30-7.30AM in case you’re wondering) and it shattering in the pan!

Another thing I particularly love about this product, and it goes with all Nars blushers too, is the packaging! It is so lovely to just hold – does anyone else feel like this?

Does anyone else use Nars Laguna – what are your thoughts?


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