ImageTop- A.P.C, Jeans- Topshop Leigh, Flats-Topshop, Bag – Michael Kors “Selma”

Ladies and Gentleman, I have found it. My perfect handbag. I present to you Selma, from Michael Kors. A beautiful satchel/tote/piece of arm candy that I simply cannot wait to get my hands on.

Ihave been lusting over Selma for most of the day so decided to put a little outfit together to start getting an idea of how to style it when it ultimately becomes mine one day.

What do you guys think to the Selma?


Frutti Petutie

ImageI have long been a fan of the Sally Hansen nail care range and my year living in the US truly enforced the view in my mind that her products are some of the best in the market. Her top coats and nail strengthener solutions are widely available over here but when it comes down to colour, mostly you have to search high and low.

I love painting my nails and have tried a plethora of products – some of which I love, others I am not too impressed with (I’m looking at you Essie) and the Salon Manicure range from Sally definitely fits into the Love bracket. My favourite you ask? Easy peasy – 540 Frutti Petutie. A vibrant pinky coral which is perfect whatever the weather. It’s been gracing my talons this week to remind that Winter will be over soon and summertime is near (I HOPE!) The formula is long lasting – two coats of this stuff and a top coat usually lasts about 5-6 days before it starts to chip which is brilliant for a low maintenance girl like myself.

I’ve found Sally’s offering in a couple of Boots stores – Liverpool St Station and the biggie on Oxford Street, as well as a few Superdrugs. For those who get upset at Essie, this stuff will fill that nail varnish void in your life. Great colour range and a great price too – about £5 a bottle I think.

Have any of you guys tried Sally Hansen’s Salon Manicure? 

Beauty Wants #1



Whenever I go online, I seem to spend my time reading a plethora of beauty blogs as well as scanning a variety of ecommerce stores I view as the cause of my financial downfall, for the latest must haves in the beauty arena.

I have tighter control over my purse strings now but there’s no harm in looking (however difficult it is to stop myself clicking through to purchase…) I can only wish my boyfriend and other loved ones read my blog!

Anyway, here are the bits and bobs I am currently lusting over…

Clockwise from top:

  1. Benefit ‘Fake Up’ Concealer. Benefit’s latest offering – a concealer surrounded by a hydrating balm, available in three shades. One problem I find with the concealer I swear by at the moment (Bourjois Healthy Mix in case you were wondering) is that despite its brilliant colour match, the formula can occasionally look a bit cakey – not the look I aim for. ‘Fake Up’ sounds as if it could solve that problem.
  2. Nars ‘Laguna’ bronzer. Somewhat of a cult product now, I’m waiting until my Sleek ‘Contour Kit’ sees its final days before I take the plunge and purchase this bad boy.
  3. Clarin’s ‘Natural Lip Perfecter” in Apricot Shimmer. This could be the answer to my quest to find the ultimate my-lips-but-better product. I;ve heard great things and soon, it will be mine.
  4. Lancome ‘Hypnose Star’ Mascara. I’m a stickler for the L’Oreal Telescopic in Carbon Black for holding a curl in my camel lashes but I’ve heard that Lancome’s offering has very similar results. Who can turn down a little luxury?
  5. Burberry ‘Complete Eye Palette’ in 02 Mocha. I can actually see my boyfriend roll his eyes at this but you can never have too many nude shadow sets. The range from Burberry are supposedly of fantastic quality (you wouldn’t expect anything less really from those guys) but come with quite a hefty price tag. Hmm, with my birthday been and gone already in 2013, is it too early to start a Christmas list?

What are you guys coveting at the moment in the beauty world?


ImageI had read a number of good things about Skinetica online so when I was asked to try out a free sample, I jumped at the chance. I have developed terrible acne on both cheeks and am desperate to find a cure, so I had very high hopes for this product.

Sadly, it wasn’t to be and after five weeks of using morning and night as directed, I have seen little effect. My spots remain red and angry as they were before and I will be regretfully adding Skinetica to my pile of “products that haven’t worked for me”. What I did quite like about this treatment is that it feels invisible on your skin. It’s cooling too and doesn’t irritate – unlike the nasties that contain salicylic acid. When using, I did notice that no newbies appeared on my face so perhaps this does work at keeping the spots at bay, but if I’m honest, I was expecting more.

I think for those who suffer from occasional breakouts, rather than ACNE…this could be one of those wonder products, but it won’t be something I will be repurchasing anytime soon.

Have any of you guys tried Skinetica? What do you think?

*PR Sample

NB: Skin care products work differently on different skin types. Just because Skinetica didn’t work for me, doesn’t mean it won’t work for you. 

New Directions

After a long, unintentional hiatus from blogging I have returned to whatcatloves two months into 2013 with focus and a thirst to blog.

I’ve recently moved house AGAIN to another lovely house south of the river which let me tell you, was a right faff. Luckily, my new room is much bigger so I had no problem finding new homes for my vast amounts of “stuff” and I can now focus on writing (as well as finding a councillor for my hoarding habits)

I’ve also recently seen a doctor regarding my skin – after months and months of whining to family, friends, co-workers, anyone who will listen, it has been confirmed by the NHS recently that I am experiencing a late onset of acne. JOY! As a result I have been researching and trying out a variety of products to help rid me of my spots which will be the new ongoing theme on here.

Product reviews to come…

Skincare Saviours


My skin can be a bit of a nightmare sometimes and right now, it is in the middle of a having a massive bitch fit. A recent trip to Prague, a disastrous decision to buy the cheaper of the two bubble baths on offer in the supermarket under the hotel and copious tumblers of beer has left my body dry and flaky and my face acne ridden (a beautiful image huh?) Anyway, in my vain attempts to reign in the tempestuous nature of my skin, I thought I would give a quick showcase of the products I am using right now to do so.

For my face, first up is Boots Botanics Iconic Clay Mask. This isn’t a newbie to my skin care routine, in fact I have been using it on a weekly basis for the past couple of months. It has become a welcome regular on Sunday nights -easy to apply and the result? Smooth and silky skin. Perfect.

On a daily basis I have started to use Dermologica Daily Microfoliant before I go to bed. Once I have taken off all my makeup this is a sure fire way to ensure that you go to bed with a nice, clean face. I haven’t really noticed any difference yet so I will keep you updated on how well I think it is working. I have also started using Effaclar by La Roche Posay. I apply this directly onto my spots and despite only purchasing it on Saturday after reading Lily’s blog, I have already noticed this working. My spots are definitely less red and I feel that it has prevented a mountain or two breaking out on my face. Thumbs up!

At night time, I have long been a fan of two products and have applied these two religiously for the past year or so. Lanolips Ointment 101 is a brilliant product and one I would thoroughly recommend. I apply it on my lips before I go to bed – whether they’re cracked or not – and I wake up with beautifully soft smackers. The Estee Lauder Advanced Repair Eye Cream is one of those products I instantly felt guilty buying once I had handed over my debit card (my bank account weeped) but it does do a fantastic job and as a result has its own place on my nightstand.

The Johnson Baby Oil gel with Camomile is a new addition that I picked up in Tesco’s last week to fix my dry, sad skin and it has worked wonders. I am unsure of the texture – it is very very greasy which I’m not a fan of but my skin is so soft, so so soft. Worth every penny of the £3.78 I spent on it.

So that’s my current skin care routine…what products are you guys using at the moment?